Google My Business is a increasingly powerful tool that directly impacts local SEO.  By learning how to update your Google My Business page properly, you can help increase visibility for your company and generate new customers. There are a few steps you must follow in order to optimize your Google My Business page and help your company be found more often through local search results.

6 Steps For Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

  1. Accurately complete profile
  2. Manage Google reviews
  3. Upload quality photos
  4. Leverage Q&A feature
  5. Maximize description field
  6. Publish Google My Business posts

1. Accurately Complete Profile

If you do nothing else, work through your Google My Business profile and fill out as many fields as accurately as you possibly can. In SEO, you often hear about the importance of making sure your Name, Address and Phone Number is consistent across all web properties. This is especially critical in optimizing your Google My Business page. But in addition to filling out your business name, address and phone number accurately, you will also want to make sure the category, website, hours of operation, description and photo sections are all filled out as well.

2. Manage Google Reviews

Google reviews provide valuable information about your business. Google reviews appear next to your listing in Maps and Search and can help your brand stand out among search results. They are also one of the most important factors for potential customers who are considering the possibility of engaging your business. The Google My Business platform creates a simple way for businesses to easily respond to Google reviews. Taking advantage of this feature helps illustrate to Google that you are actively managing your company while also creating additional incentives for customers to leave new reviews in the future.

3. Regularly Upload Quality Photos

Make sure you have a quality branded photos of the exterior of your business uploaded to your Google My Business profile along with descriptive photos of the interior. What Google My Business is trying to offer to users and potential customers is a vivid description of what it would be like to be at your location. This is why it’s best to include pictures from different angles throughout your building. It’s also imperative that these photos are as up-to-date as possible, so make sure that you’re regularly adding fresh images to your Google My Business page.

4. Use Q&A Feature

The Google My Business Q&A feature gives business owners the chance to ask and answer the most common questions they receive from customers. Some users on Google may never click on your website, but this feature will allow them to learn things about your business they otherwise might not. Those types of items could include whether your location has free parking available or if you offer same-day delivery. Filling this section of your Google My Business listing out as if it is a FAQ page could provide increased value for users. This feature also accepts questions from others as well, so make sure you’re responding quickly if you’re asked a question.

5. Maximizing Description Field

If your Google My Business description only includes something like, “property management services,” you could leave customers unclear about the details of your offering. Use this section on your Google My Business page to fully describe your primary services while highlighting what truly sets your brand or company apart from the competition. You could build out this “property management services” description field to include keywords like “property management” property sales, ” or “houses to let”  in the event users are looking for those specific services.

6. Publish Google My Business Posts

Google My Business posts are not actual social media posts, rather they are updates unique to the Google My Business platform. In most cases, only the first 100 characters of a post show up on the screen while the rest is cut off and must be clicked on to read further. Make sure the most important keywords and messaging are at the beginning of a Google post. Also, make sure you’re posting something new every 3 days or so. With the exception of event posts, Google My Business posts go dark after seven days. But while they are temporary, they will help you stand out in a crowded market and generate new business along the way.

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