Website Design in Kenya

Where can i get a good website designer in Kenya? Where can i get  a good website design company  in Kenya? What is the cost of a good website design in Kenya? That is the question many business owners ask. We are here to answer fundamental questions about website design and development.

A website is used to promote your brand and to generate more leads leading to optimized conversion rate. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are probably missing out on many business opportunities and increase in potential sales and profits. A website can be used to accomplish a variety of marketing strategies to help you grow your business.

Using a website designed by us have a wide reach than many forms of advertising. A website developed by our designers in Kenya is the online shop of your company. You can easily reach a very wide audience at a short time using social media or google campaigns. A website also builds credibility and prospective clients know you business is existing.

Websites, in general, are great ways to in providing a place that potential investors can be referred to. It shows what your company is about, what it has achieved and what it can achieve in the future.

Why do you need a website designed in Kenya?

  • Your potential clients expect you to have a website – The first time a potential client contacts your business they first ask you if you have a website. With a website your credibility score is higher than without a website. The probability of getting the business is higher.  Window Shopping is no longer  physical but now done online
  • Showcase multiple your products and services 24/7 – On a website you can showcase alot of products in one location. Prospective customers can see a wide range of products and services and enquire more about them.
  • Save customers and your time before and during any purchase – When one is explaining their products and services on the phone you might not be able to say everything but on a website one can read descriptions, features, advantages and many other details of a product or service
  • A website gives one a platform to easily help your customers  – With the use of live chat and whatsapp web its easy for a client to contact you and request for support. One can also add a frequently asked questions page where a client can get answers to questions they might have.
  • Establish a 24/7  presence and makes customers contact you better – With good hosting and domain renewed on due dates, a website never closes. It means the shop is always open 24/7. Prospective customers will see and buy your products or services any time, any day.
  • Get new customers with good online marketing – With good online  marketing techniques you can get new customers every day.  Online marketing can be done via search engine optimization,  social media, google advertising and also word of mouth.
  • A website makes it easy for a business owner to gather information – When you have all information of your business in one area its easy to share it out to prospective customers.  You can have information of multiple years in on area.
  • A website helps business owners cut costs – Traditional ways of marketing involved design and printing of brochures and flyers. When you have a big company you might be forced to print booklets. For a website you can have as much data and unlimited photos at a manageable cost.
  • Consumer Analysis and Insights – Its very easy for business owners to analyze the  needs of your customers using tools like Google Analytics.. When you have many pages you can see the people who have visited. You can filter by gender, demographics, age and many other factors. The analysis can help you make good marketing decisions

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Steps to design a good website in Kenya

  1. Identify Goals and Objectives of the website: We must determine what the website is all about, what we are trying to showcase, what we are trying to sell and who we are targeting. This will enable our top website designers in Kenya structure the best layout and content for the website.
  2. Scope and Range definition: We need to know what will be entailed i.e photos , content , features , if Search Engine Optimization will be done etc
  3. Content creation and addition to webpages: From here we need to work on content. Content entails text and images. We also need to look at how the content will be optimized for search engines. This will enable google to index us better.
  4. Programming – If you do have inquiry forms they need to be programmed to connect them with recipient emails
  5. Reviews and Testing: The website is now ready for the world. Before spreading out the word make sure that all pages have been tested, the website is compatible on all browsers, the website is mobile compatible, check broken links, check if all forms are sending filled content to the destined emails and also check loading speed.
  6. Website Launch: After checking all is working well its is time to launch it to the world. Let people know about your website. Share it on platforms like social media , mailing lists and keep building traffic. You can also plan on how to generate more traffic by use of digital marketing

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